We are a digital agency

With a deep love for creative ideas and execution of experience design. We provide multi-channel strategic marketing solutions for brands to achieve their goals and ambitions. We’re currently expanding into big data and virtual experiences through AR/VR Technology.

From our founders

What's Our Motive?

Focus Services Around Experiential Marketing. We want to ensure a consistent and quality brand interaction. Eight Digitz uses psychology, technology, and art to provide the best experience across all channels. No matter the industry, device, objective, or technology platform, we're driven to improve the human relationship with technology by designing and building meaningful connections between brands and their customers.

Opportunity to Innovate

We believe technology has the power to connect people through storytelling and shared emotional experiences. Our goal is to align your growth by finding a balance between creativity and tech.

Collaboration for Creativity

We love to empower brands to find their unique style in a digital environment. We believe any challenge can be solved with creativity and determination.


Make a sustainable contribution to a digital economy.


"Make someone's life on earth a happy and safe experience by using art and technology to support and empower those who are willing to do the same"

Core Competencies

Balance of Art and Science

We educate and explore the world around us to execute well-rounded projects that have a balance of design and analytics.

Strength in Adversity

Our brand was born with a purpose during the COVID-19 pandemic. We embrace challenges, innovate constantly and value resilience in facing all future challenges.

Accessible to Resources

Your organization should have access to the best in digital tools and technology. We promote affordability through partnerships and cost-effective models.

Culture of Innovation

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. From designing to building of our products and applications, we create an encouraging environment of innovation.

Contextual Intelligence

We find "Awesomeness" at work using CI, which helps us identify novel solutions for today and the future.

Foster Creativity

Creativity ignites when everyone is empowered and able to be their full self, whether loud, quiet, weird, or wild. All are welcome.

Team Agility

Our team’s combination of skill sets, responsibilities, and approaches help us to unlock new degrees of productivity.

Friends for Life

We're a pretty tight team. We share the highs and lows of agency life and have fun along the way.

Our Capabilites


Design allows us to influence emotions.

Directly impacts our mood and emotions. A well-designed product or service will stand out from the competition. The design adds brand value to products and services.

Visual Identity
User Interface
Video and Motion
Product Design

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Our creative platform allows your brand to evolve fast and tap into new digital strategies. If you'd like to speak to a talent, talk to one of our design experts.


Embrace the latest in digital marketing technology.

From boosting your ROI, increasing engagement or developing your brands presence, we’ll help develop your vision and create effective digital strategies.

Conversion Optimization

Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

PPC Management

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media E-commerce


Create platforms that support growth, innovation, and change.

Our flexible and agile process guides projects from creation to execution through a combination of communication, collaboration, and transparency.


Web Applications

Native Mobile Apps

Augmented Reality

CMS Development

Video Streaming Solutions

Contest Development

Chat Bots


Learning from automation to create precise data and accurate measurements.

The ability to analyze data and apply it to your specific business, will strategically guide your business decisions and influence the proper exposure to your customers.


Data Warehouse Modernization Marketing Analytics


Hardware Prototyping

Eight Digitz Story

Our story—from a unique idea to an adventure during adversity!

Eight Digitz story is truly unique. Right before the lockdown began, we had the idea to launch a data-driven marketing agency. We were passionate about bringing our idea to life and knew we needed a name that matched our creativity. We knew that the pandemic lowered our chances of success, but we were resilient and dove deeper into our concept. We wanted our name to be as distinctive as the situation we were facing at the time.

The local news had back-to-back articles about the virus and how they were controlling the virus. There was a lot of talk about Big Data implementation, artificial intelligence, data science, and technology. "DIG-DATA / INACT / Quarantine / Pattern / Right"—These were some words that were resonating in our minds about a new brand name. The answer hit us. 'Eureka!' We believe, We found the right brand name—Eight Digitz!

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